The MOST IMPORTANT part of an exterior paint job

Exterior Painting

So, you’re in the market to get the exterior of your house painted. You decide to check out Yelp, Facebook or just Google local painters in your area. Deciding the top 3 painters to get an estimate from can be a tough decision. What makes a painter great and stand out from all the rest? PREP WORK! Taking the time to thoroughly pressure wash and remove all loose paint / debris is imperative to the longevity of your paint job. Second comes scraping ALL LOOSE PAINT and caulking. This weatherproofs the exterior and not only protects from water damage, it also keeps the creepy crawlers out of your home. If loose paint was left and another product applied over the top, the new paint will only be as good as the layer below. Lastly, before any paint can be applied, all raw wood MUST be primed. If this step is skipped the finish coat will not adhere properly and will cause premature failing of your paint job. In summary, if you decide to hire a company that cuts corners or wants to offer you “a cheap deal”, you might want to think twice about where your money is being spent.